Erin "Syd" Sidney
Songwriter // Producer // Performer


My second co-production with Pat Cupples of Mia Dyson music, “Idyllwild” is due out in June. We’ll be touring in support of this album throughout the year.

"The Moment”, our last collaboration, brought us some great things. A nomination from Australia’s ARIA awards, 4 stars in Rolling Stone, placements all over US television, the title track as the theme song for Sky Sports Football in the UK, and touring opportunities all over the US and Australia.

Whereas most of the writing for “The Moment” took place over a few years, “Idyllwild” came together in under a year with songs that fearlessly expand on what defines a Mia record. I’ve been describing it as Bonnie Raitt making a record with The Heartbreakers in ’93 with Elvis Costello on the other side of the glass calling the shots. That would make me both a Heartbreaker and 1/2 of Elvis Costello, which is a little much in the ego department, but hopefully you catch my drift.

You can pre-order the album now through Pledge Music and get a free download of the first single, "When We're Older"

Mia Dyson East Coast Dates

We'll begin our journey at another world-class music festival - Canadian Music Week in Toronto. We'll make our way towards the eastern seaboard stopping in Nashville along the way and ending May by picking up Will Dailey for a string of co-headlining dates in major east coast cities. Our final east coast show will be at The Davis Square Theater in Somerville, MA on June 7. You can (and should) get your tickets for that one now. More ticket links are below for Philly, New York and more.

If you plan to be at any of the shows below, or if you'll be at CMW in Toronto, please reach out, I'd love to say hello. If you're making plans for the rest of 2014 and wonder if we might make some plans together, that's also a great reason to get in touch.

upcoming shows

August 30, 2014

drumming with Mia Dyson and BWilling
Plaza Playhouse Theater
Carpinteria, CA
8:00 PM
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